Community Events

At Escalante-Biggs Academy, leadership, teachers, and parents work collectively to provide students with a strong educational experience. One component of the educational experience at Escalante-Biggs involves the celebration of learning through community events. The Parent Teacher Organization with a team of teachers on the Parent Engagement Committee, plan a variety of community events throughout the school year which support parent involvement, community building, and fundraising.

Back to School Night

At the beginning of each school year, the teachers and ILT plan a Back-to-School Night. Parents and students come to school to learn about the expectations for the school year, as well as opportunities for parent enrichment classes. We enjoy treats, family and fun on the field. Then, students and parents can drop off their school supplies and learn about classroom expectations and grade-level standards.

Field Trips

At Escalante-Biggs, students are afforded the opportunity to go on several field trips throughout the year. The field trips provide students with a chance to experience what they are learning in the classroom in a more authentic way.

Fall Activities

Our Fall Festival is a fun-filled after-school event in which the teachers and the PTO plan Fall activities for students. Teachers decorate their classroom doors and students enjoy going from classroom to classroom collecting candy and other treats. The money raised at this event supports teachers and students at Escalante-Biggs.

Thanksgiving Luncheon

The lunchroom staff at Escalante-Biggs is committed to providing a healthy, tasteful lunch every day for our students. Near Thanksgiving, however, the cafeteria staff invites the community to join the students in the cafeteria for a Thanksgiving feast. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and even pumpkin pie are served.

Winter Fun Night

Winter Fun Night at Escalante-Biggs is held in December and provides students, teachers, and parents with an opportunity to celebrate the Winter season. Some of the celebrations include student performances, arts and crafts created in classrooms. A book fair is set up in the lobby for students and parents to purchase new books. Finally, students get to show off their “Art Work” with the help of Escalante Biggs’ Art Teacher Mr. Arnoldi. A fun time is had by all!

Rock the Night Away Family Dance

Escalante-Biggs’ gym gets transformed into a dance hall complete with decorations, music, and other fun items! The dance serves as a great opportunity to build school community and fun. Food items are available for sale. All proceeds benefit students at Escalante-Biggs Academy.

Día de Los Niños / Day of the Children

At Escalante-Biggs we believe that our students come first and take every opportunity to honor and celebrate each and every one of them. On this special day we come together and make it an extra special day for all of our students. Families are greeted by the entire staff as they enter our school. Classrooms are decorated and special activities are planned for families throughout the day. It is a truly fun day that shows our students how much we care for them.

Earth Day Parade

In honor of “Earth Day”, Escalante-Biggs’ students, staff, and parents parade around the school cleaning up the neighborhood. Furthermore, students create their special “Earth Friendly Masterpiece” made out of recycled material and wear them with pride!

“Mercado” Celebration Fun

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, we turn Escalante-Biggs into a fun-filled market. Each classroom makes crafts to sell at the market. Food items will be available for purchase. Additionally, we enjoy dancers and other entertainment. All proceeds will benefit teachers and students at Escalante-Biggs.

Field Day

Run, jump, skip, and throw! Each May, Escalante-Biggs’ Physical Education Teacher organizes field day for the students. Students and their families enjoy a fun-filled time engaged in physical activity.

ECE Recognition Day and Kindergarten Continuation

It is important to recognize and celebrate major accomplishments in one’s life, and this begins in ECE and Kindergarten. As students learn and grow, we want them to know that they will be supported and encouraged. At the ECE Recognition Celebrations and Kindergarten continuations, parents, teachers and students celebrate the movement to their next grade level.