Escalante-Biggs Academy offer instructional programs in both English and Spanish.

ELA-S classrooms are designed for Spanish-speaking students. The majority of instruction is taught in Spanish and a portion of instruction is taught in English. *Please note this program is not designed to teach kids Spanish.

ELA-E classrooms are for native English speakers as well as students who speak many different languages, including Spanish, and want to learn English. Instruction is taught in English all day.


At Escalante-Biggs in ECE we use Tools of the Mind Curriculum/TS Gold. Tools of the Mind Curriculum and TS Gold help teachers build children’s confidence, creativity and critical thinking in the areas of Reading, Writing and Math and promote positive outcomes.

Kindergarten Reading and Writing:

In Kindergarten, Benchmark Literacy is the curriculum that is offered. Benchmark Literacy supports all the daily components of high-quality reading and writing instruction, with an emphasis on comprehension.

Kindergarten Mathematics:

Bridges is the math program used at Escalante-Biggs to support all students in developing a strong mathematical foundation. Bridges provides the guidance, materials, and tools for building mathematical thinkers.


Students at Escalante-Biggs have an opportunity to participate in specials several times a week for ECE students and every day for Kindergarten students. Students rotate weeks between Physical Education, Visual Arts and Music with the goal of helping kids stay healthy and develop an appreciation for creativity.

Social and Emotional Development:

At Escalante-Biggs Academy, social and emotional development is extremely important. Therefore, we partner with Incredible Years. The Incredible Years is an early childhood emotional and social health program designed to increase a child’s success at school and at home by promoting positive parent, teacher, and child relationships. The program improves school performance, reduces child behavior problems, promotes positive and consistent discipline, and supports caregivers through a holistic approach involving children, parents, and teachers.

Academic Support:

In order to support all students academically, a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is implemented at Escalante-Biggs Academy. Students who are below grade level receive additional instruction in reading/writing and or math. Additionally, students who are advanced receive instruction above grade level. These supports take place in both regular and intervention classrooms.