Communication Expectations

In order to support open communication within Escalante-Biggs’ school community, multiple opportunities for discussing and sharing information, ideas, and concerns have been opened. Your appropriate use of these tools will help build our school community and make it a thoughtful, creative and positive place for all.

Opportunities for communication:

  • 1 on 1 conversations with teachers and/or administration
  • Class Dojo
  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Teacher/classroom blogs and web pages
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

In an effort to ensure confidentiality, respect and positive communication, all social media will be monitored closely. Posts that break school confidentiality laws or are disrespectful will not be approved to be posted.

Please keep in mind the following as you post:

  • Due to confidentiality laws, we cannot post students first and last name or pictures of students without written permission by legal guardians.
  • Teacher or other adult names should not be posted anywhere without that person’s expressed permission.
  • Concerns about specific student issues should be brought directly to teachers or administrators for private problem solving with a goal of a positive, successful school experience for all students at Escalante-Biggs Academy.

A positive school culture must be our first priority. Please remember the norms of our community forum:

  • Listen to understand.
  • Respect the views of others.
  • Suspend judgment.
  • Speak for yourself in the service of the group.